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Welcome to Comfort Delivered Home.  I am new to this (let’s give “this” a common vernacular for arguments sake) scene.  I have never been interested in working in a restaurant as a cook or a server. Those people work too hard.  However, I love cooking for people.

I get lost in how beautiful food is.  The raw ingredients are just as beautiful as the finished prepared dish. All the steps in between, the techniques, the science, the sights, the smells (oh the aromas, more on that in a totally different blog post), the fun of creativity!  Then the ultimate goal: The eating! The end game result is watering mouths, moments of chewing silence, guttural sounds of pleasure as the taste buds come alive from the explosions of flavor and texture.

Cooking is my driving force. It is all I think about. I always have questions to ask.  There is never an end to learning how to cook.  Someone will always have more information on ingredients or techniques.  Researching foods is bottomless!   What can I make today?  How can I put these same 5 ingredients together so they do not taste like they did last night?  What sets this thing apart from this thing?  What plates should I use?  How am I going to impress this person?  Has this been done by anyone else? How many people have done this, and how did they do it? The questions never stop.

I started cooking because preprocessed food is so expensive, and, well, as the term applies: Processed.  Nutrition and healthy choices are easy when you make everything fresh.  I also had two kids to feed!  Cooking was something that I needed to learn how to do.  I was overweight, out of shape and broke!  Two teens in a house bring friends.  I figured if I fed them they would stay close to home and out of trouble.

I took on my own education.  The internet is a powerful tool, especially for the curious people like me, who need to keep learning things.  I found some curriculum syllabus’ from a few different institutions, compared their content, and devised my own syllabus. From there I would narrow my research to each type of class: Knife skills, baking, sauces, etc. I found websites and videos and books by the greatest chefs in the world!

Now that I have some skills under my belt, I am starting this to have something to lean on.  I use cooking as a way to deal with my emotional state.  I cook to level myself, to humble myself.  Cooking is a great way to cope with the onslaught of daily life.  Unlike painting, writing and dancing, cooking is something I can do no matter how I am feeling.  If I am sad, I cook.  If I am happy, I cook.  If I am angry, I cook.  Cooking gets me through a lot of emotional chaos.

I have worn many hats in my life, and I have had several jobs too! Now it is time for me to don the toque. I am making myself available to cook for people.  For a fee of course.  But that is something that I will deal with later.  For now, let me plant this seed of thought. By reading this first post, you will be taking this journey with me.  I am excited and nervous.  So I better get to the kitchen and work out some details!


Author: comfortdeliveredhome

I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

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