So Much for Toast

There is an old saying: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I have a dog, a hound dog.  Her name is Moana.  I have had her since she was 5 weeks old.  She is a sensitive soul, and can be a little needy at times.  Times when loud scary noises are happening.  Such as fireworks, slamming doors, fire alarms.

Let’s set that nugget of the story aside and explain another.  My toaster sucks!  Yup, some of you Dear Readers might have already concluded how my morning went.  If the toast level is a nanometer too far on the toastier side, it burns my bread to black.  If it is too far on the not so toasty side, my bread stays soft and not toasty.  There is a delicate balance here.

One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is soft boiled eggs mashed up onto torn up bits of buttered toast.  MMMMM,  so yummy.

Yeah, this morning I am doing my thing, making my breakfast, I have the water boiling, and I have my toast toasting.  I am all happy because my eggs didn’t crack in the boiling waters, then that is when the toaster decides that the morning is just not exciting enough.  It is going to hold onto my toast the .003 seconds longer than it needs to, enough to blacken my toast!

Subsequently, the smoke detector went off, and both the cat and dog instantly freak out.  The cat hides, but Moana, does she hide?  Sure, under me, and I was standing in the kitchen yelling at the toaster for sucking and burning my bread.

I turned to go deal with the smoke detector, and Moana, all 85 lbs of her is suddenly leaning on me shaking like a leaf basically pinning me to the kitchen counter with the offending toaster..  when I try to move around her, she sticks to me like static cling.  There was no peeling her off me.

I managed to push her to her kennel and got her in there.  Then I was able to shut the smoke alarm up.  I had to remove the battery, so now every few minutes it beeps at me as a reminder.

That reminder keeps poor Moana in shivers though. Even with the step ladder we have here, I am too short to put the battery back in, I have to now go down to the office and put in a maintenance request.



Author: comfortdeliveredhome

I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

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