The ultimate in Comfort: Bread

Today is going to be all about bread.  It is cold and wet outside.  The kind of conditions we have a lot of in this part of the planet.  To combat the boredom, I stick to making myself better at something.  Cooking offers me a lot in that realm.  I know how to make all sorts of things.  Conversely, there is more I don’t know. I want to make amazing bread, and right now my bread skills are at good.

My dog isn’t very happy about it.  She wants to go out and run herself stupid in the mud.  I did mention it is cold and wet outside.  The place she keeps telling me to take her to is a river delta area. I have tried explaining that I simply do not have the proper shoes. She huffed at me and decided it was time to chase her tail.

So bread it is!

I am starting a sourdough mother using Paul Hollywood’s method.  The process is fun to watch, and won’t be ready for a week.  So next weeks bread will be sourdough.  Of course I will have to make some amaze-ballz entre to accompany this. The wheels are already in motion. I do not have a sourdough starter right now.  Having one is like having another pet in the house, and I have been arguing with my roommate about not having more pets!  She wants a kitten when we have a perfectly fine cat.  At least a starter is a pet you can eat.

I am also going make bread for this weeks dinners using dry active yeast.  I usually have one of those little jars of dry active yeast in my refrigerator.  It’s important to not use bread machine yeast if you are not using a bread machine.  That is pretty much the difference in dry active yeast in my opinion.

Flour is an important choice, but try a few different brands for yourself to see which works best for you. Examples being bread flour, unbleached whole wheat, all purpose, organic, enriched. Sometimes you have to learn with what you have too.  I have mentioned before that I prefer Wheat Montana unbleached white.

Making bread is a skill.  3 years ago I could not make bread.  I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.  Then my boyfriend at the time bought me a stand mixer.  That changed everything. I am more willing to learn new recipes for baking bread.  I have even made croissants! However, I am still struggling with it, but I know where I am failing.  I am still learning patience.  Last weeks bread did not rise like it was supposed to because I got impatient.

I have always gone by my usual cooking methods, and have had some success.   Today is going to be more technical, more rigid with the rules on baking.  I need to get this baking thing under control.

Alrighty then, wish me luck Drea Readers!  I’m goin’ in.



Author: comfortdeliveredhome

I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

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