Yay Internet

I do a lot of research.  It is a fun hobby that keeps me busy, plus I get to learn new things along the way.  I have to dedicate myself to learning something every day.  My interests are varied enough so I do not waste valuable time on reading the same thing over and over.

I love reading these instructional articles that give “everything you need to make this” and it is all wrong.  Of course, in the days when I was first embarking on this journey, I would not catch these mistakes so easily.  I suppose that is the mark of someone passionate about any area of study.  It separates the novice from the veteran.  Now here I am writing bad blog posts about food and learning food.

I do not consider myself a professional. To further my skills, I look to professionals for knowledge and experience.  Through them I can learn how to apply techniques towards what I am working on.

Huzzah for the internet and all of it’s search engines, all of it’s videos, and especially all of its articles.



Author: comfortdeliveredhome

I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

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