Oh the Garlic

Everything natural, organic, fresh.  That is the way to help the body stay healthy.  This planet has given us everything we need to live healthy lives.  When my body is out of balance, I do research.  I figure out what is ailing me, and eat my way out of it.  A lot of us already knew that garlic is amazing in so many types of food, and we have all heard that it has healing properties.  That’s because it is a strong natural antibiotic.

My roommate is always after me to make garlic broth, usually because one of us has been exposed to cold viruses.  One might think that drinking a cup of garlic broth would make for some horrendous garlic breath.  I have yet to come across that issues.  However, there are some side effects of a heavy garlic diet that might surprise some people, like flatulence. Yup! Really loud and potent flatulence.  Make sure you are with someone you love when having garlic broth.  Oh, and have the ability to laugh at what you can not control.

I use usually about 5 whole bulbs of garlic. Yeah, whole bulbs.  I’ve tried using less, but the flavor isn’t there, it ends up tasting like weak sauce.

Two tablespoons of oil, any oil will work. Olive oil has the most health properties, where clarified butter gives it a much richer taste.

Lemon juice and salt to taste.  My roommate likes to drop Braggs Organic Cider vinegar in hers, which boost a lot of the good stuff in the broth plus adds a depth of flavor (if you try this, it is better if you like the vinegar aroma essence).

I use my favorite stock pot for this because it is the only pot I have big enough to contain this brew.  It has a nice heavy bottom which distributes the heat more evenly.

This only takes about ten minutes really.  Heat the oil in the pan over a medium medium heat and throw all the garlic in when the oil is hot.  It should sizzle a little.

Now, the guy who introduced me to garlic broth would leave the skins on the garlic.  I have done it that way.  The only difference is there is one less preparation step.

Stirring the garlic around in the hot oil caramelizing the cloves gently.  Once they start to turn golden on one side, smash them as best you can with a potato masher while they cook.  It’s almost done.

The bottom of the pot now has stuck on little bits of yumminess. This is when I add some salt.  I give the mashed cloves a stir in the pot, then add a cup of water to deglaze the pot.  Once the bottom is clean, I let it simmer for a minute, then add water.  A lot of water: 8 cups is usually my goal.  I use an emulsifier to pulverize the remaining bits of garlic.  This isn’t necessary, I prefer the color of the broth after emulsifying it. Try not to boil this, let it come to a gentle simmer, then turn it off.

Strain it.  I squeeze as much of the liquid I can out of the strained garlic bits with a wooden spoon and a wire mesh strainer.  The first cup is always too hot to drink immediately.  I use a spoon to taste the end product.  It usually needs more salt.  I never put in enough salt.  What is left over, I freeze.  I will use this broth for other soup bases, like potato soup, or chicken, or even just noodles.

As for the flatulence, just don’t drink that much.  Keep it to 6 fluid ounces. Especially if you do not already have a garlic rich diet.










Author: comfortdeliveredhome

I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

2 thoughts on “Oh the Garlic”

  1. It’s 100% true I do badger her for her Garlic Broth because it’s freaking Magic! I have a compromised immune system and am constantly worried about getting sick. Because when I do catch a bug it’s always a hundred times worse and I’m very likely going to end up on antibiotics which I’m not fond of.

    So she made this the first time and I remember her telling me about it’s properties and I admit I wasn’t entirely sure how well it would work. Well…There have been several bugs that have gone around and I have yet to catch them. Any of them until recently when she was exposed to a co-worker to inconsiderate to stay home while infectious. But while she got the brunt of it from all the excess of exposure while I’ve only been exposed to her and drinking the broth. The only symptoms I ended up having was the tummy part. And it lasted two days. Not a week and going. ONE CUP….that’s usually what I drink though she makes it taste so good I end up drinking a second one later or just let her freeze it for later. But it’s freaking delicious.

    I’ve probably watched her make it a dozen times and it always smells so amazing I just can’t wait to sip it.

    Even Lava Hot.

    She’s the best roommate and best friend ~ I also call her my personal chef as her dishes are always drool worthy.

    Thanks Rose~ For taking such good care of me.


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