A step in a different direction

On the western calendar, we have several “holidays” created by card companies. Mother’s day being one of those days.

It boggles my mind to think that people need a special day to show their love for someone who is supposed to be the pillar of their existence.

I do not partake in any of the so called holidays that have been created by corporations and card companies (Valentine’s, Mother’s, Father’s, Grandparent’s, Boss’s, secretary’s Flag, etc. days). Just as I do not celebrate ethnic holidays (St. Pat’s, Cinco De Mayo, St. Augustine’s etc. day) .  Nor do I get sucked into the religious ones either (Easter, X-mas, etc.).

It’s not that I do not celebrate, I take the JW position on holidays, and I am thankful for the people in my life every day of the year, and celebrate it EVERY DAY!  I do not need a special day to know that my daughter loves me.  To me every day is Mother’s day, GrandMama’s day, Valentine’s Day etc. …

I feel that society is guilted into spending money on the ones they love to prove how much they love them. Yet, we all are taught that material possessions do not equate love. How can we succeed with that kind of twisting guilt?

I do not want any part of anything that makes anyone feel rotten for not being what the media and corporations say we should be.  Whole marketing campaigns are designed to make people feel the need to spend their hard earned money on one HUGE item, or loads of tiny ones, to give to their loved ones.

If one is in a relationship, it is geared to guilt each partner, which one will possibly not do as well as the other, and then quiet silent guilt is magically there, poking them in the eye saying “You suck, you should have spent more money.”

If one is single, a plethora of options for the single person are available to share in the guilt.  But this guilt is geared towards the single person being a failure for being alone.

Fuck that shit!  I don’t need any of that kind of nonsense in my life.  The people I care about get x-mas every day, they get Thanksgiving all the time, Valentine’s day?  Every fucking moment of my life.  I do not need a pointed out day to know that life is good, people love me, and I am a worthy person.

When I stopped acknowledging these man made holidays, my life simplified.  No more household decorations, no saying “if I get that for Billy, I have to get Suzie an equal valued item.” There is no overeating of chocolates…. well, yeah there is always that. But I do not need a basket of eggs to go with that chocolate.

If you feel the need to celebrate these holidays, good for you, perpetuate more guilt.  that is awesome.  It is awesome because it’s what you want.  The beast can’t live without fodder, I suppose.

So I do enjoy watching the black Friday fight videos, because, you know, violence is a great way to show someone you love them.

The only day that I pick out of the year to celebrate is my birthday, then, it is easily a month long celebration. Each day dedicated to giving to others, sharing gifts, loving those who are close to me, and surviving another 365 days.



For the love of bloggers

I love blogging, and reading blogs.  This is my social media.  I get much more out of blogs than I ever would get out of other avenues of social media.  Thanks to all of the passionate people who blog, I can learn about aspects of society on a much more intimate level, without being a nosey bitch about it.

I hear a lot about “white privilege” and wonder what that is all about.  I always assumed it was the fact that I wouldn’t be hassled by the cops for no good reason.  To be fair, I never got hassled by the police, even in my rough and tumble teen years.  I managed to not even get a traffic infraction (knock on wood).  I want to make it clear, that is the only thing of privilege I have ever seen in my life.  I have had to work really hard for everything I have, and that isn’t very much.

Being part of the human race has made me fairly tolerant of other humans, having to fight for my entire life has made me a softer human as well.  I want to understand where the idea of “white privilege” comes from, so I turn to blogs.

I have also been following the path of “Black Lives Matter.”  I am not going to go into the typical all lives matter nonsense that usually is included in most BLM conversations.  My response to BLM is “of course they do.” Understanding the perspective is important.

From my experiences, I have seen the racism first hand, and it always makes me reel in confusion. It is an easy card to throw around when a person is a racial minority. But also a very slippery slope. So many people are racially blended, especially here in America.

It still confuses me, so I turn to bloggers once again for answers that no one can seem to say. Sometimes I want to share blogs with other bloggers, so they can see the perspectives as well.  Perhaps show the authors that the words they share have a much deeper meaning and inflection than they realize.

The world will take a while still to get the fact that we are all just part of this bigger thing flying through space at thousands of miles an hour.  It will take a while for the concept of being cool with each other to catch on.  We have made huge strides in acceptance, but the journey is far from over.

We are not individual snowflakes.  We are living organisms that can learn. We can learn from the things we fear and hate, like how to respect and tolerate perhaps even love and admire. Thank you to all the people who blog, and share their opinions, ideas and philosophies with the blogging world.  You are all so very much appreciated!