Back to the Mortar and Pestle

I am a nut about spices.  It is so amazing to me how a little seed was interesting enough to someone that they figured out it had intense flavor inside of it. Let’s not even get into the health factors, geez, that’s a whole different learning tree I climb on all the time.

I like to grind my own spices because of the difference in flavor.  commercially milled spices lose a lot of flavor and aroma. Just as store bought tomatoes don’t taste the same as the ones from the garden.

One might try to take some aggression out on the M&P.  I don’t put that kind of negative energy into my cooking. I often pulverize my own spices while I binge on Star Trek, such as mustard seed and nutmeg.  I use a lot of both of them in my cooking.

Yeah, that cardamom is potent stuff. I don’t use a coffee grinder because I don’t like cardamom tainted coffee. I have a carved marble M&P now.  I had a terracotta set, but busted that one with nutmeg. It’s all a learning process.

A huge part of my day is exposing people to terpenes . Terpenes are the specific aromas you smell from just about everything that grows.  I have always a fruit wiffer at the grocery store. I figured if the smell of the fruit made my mouth water, then it was good to eat. The terpenes of ripe fruit triggered sensors that I was able to recognize as the best tasting. When I am grinding spices, I am getting a big face full of terpenes, and the benefits of them.





Author: comfortdeliveredhome

I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

One thought on “Back to the Mortar and Pestle”

  1. Freshly ground spices make a world of difference, and the sad thing is that most people have absolutely no idea what they’re missing out on. All of the pre-ground stuff sitting on the shelves for decades, collecting dust, can’t hold a candle to it. That little bit of effort goes such a long way.

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