Life happens: It is what it is.

Moana the Pony Sized Dog

There is no stopping some things.

Yeah, I haven’t been writing at all for a bit. That beloved (ex)roommate of mine kicked me out. Needless to say, no longer beloved.  I won’t even go into how insane she had become, and the excuses she used to justify what she did to me.  It is pointless to blab to you all about it. Besides, I would much rather talk about good stuff.

I had to find a place to live, and fast. How does one find a place fast? The internet is a great place to turn. I must have written 30 different people who had placed adds on various sites. It is not an easy task to find a place with Moana The Pony Sized Dog.  I only got to see 3 of the houses I had written to.  So many people are flaky and don’t like to say “I’m sorry, the room is rented.” or “Sorry, your dog is too big.”  Instead they ignored me all together.

When I came to look at this house, it was icy and snowing.  The weather was awful! I met with one of the two men that live here, we will call him Tom, we went into the kitchen to talk for a bit and get warm. We had a fantastic conversation. It was easy, like we already knew each other.

I was thrilled to see the kitchen (of course), it is huge! I knew that this was the house I was going to live in by seeing the dining table. It is a tall table that Moana’s tail can’t reach. With a pony sized dog, tails become table cleaners. One wag and there are no more glasses, plates and fruit bowl left on the table, everything is on the floor.  Tall tables are the key to having a pony sized dog.

Now flatmate number two, we will call him Jerry, I didn’t meet him right away.  I spoke with him on the phone for about an hour.  They are amazing human beings with some amazing attitudes. Somehow, I sold the idea of Moana to Tom and Jerry. They both agreed that I could move in.  I was thrilled, I had a place to live, that had an incredible kitchen.

It took me about a week to actually move in. I won’t bore you with the fucked up details of what the ex roomie did to me.  We can chalk it up to her earning her own karma. Soon I will talk about a few of the things she did, just for laughs. I am happy to report she was surviving on prepackaged frozen meals when I left.

Anyhoo, I am about settled in. I have been denied cooking for the past month and a half, so today is the day I get to go to the grocery store to restock my now barren larder. I am truly excited about this for 2 reasons; Winco and Fubon. Two of my favorite grocery stores are within 5 minutes walking distance from my new house.

Today, I plan on whipping up some mayonnaise, boiling a chicken, and baking some bread. Yup, chicken salad sammies! Really, I can hardly hold still to finish this blog.  I want to walk out of the house right now, but it’s raining and I’m in a bathrobe sipping coffee.

New cooking adventures lay ahead for me. I am going to tackle kosher foods, and middle eastern dishes. So exciting, and it all gets to start today. I promise my next blog will be about me cooking something.

Thanks for letting me vent today.


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I am completely obsessed with food and cooking. Here I can share my ideas and opinions about cooking, and food.

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